Advisory Board and committees

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Executive Committee

  • Chairperson:
    Dr. Yu Tak Sun, Ignatius
  • Vice-chairperson:
    Mr. Percy To
  • Honorary Secretary:
    Dr. Chan Kan Kam
  • Honorary Treasurer:
    Dr. Simon Yeung
  • Other members:
    Dr. Chau Wing Shun
    Dr. Lo Tsun Yan
    Ms. Karen Hui

International Advisory Board

  • Professor David Christiani
  • Dr. Seong-Kyu Kang
  • Dr. Kazutaka Kogi
  • Dr. Glenn Pransky
  • Dr. Ken Takahashi

Local Advisory Board

  • Dr. Leong Che-hung
  • Professor. Leung Ping-chung
  • Professor Wong Tsz-wai

Professional Training Committee

  • Mr. Percy To (Chairman)
  • Dr. Yu Tak Sun, Ignatius
  • Mr. S. K. Lam
  • Mr. T. W. Tsin
  • Dr. Henry Kwok
  • Ms. Stella Cheng
  • Mr. Godfrey Lai
  • Dr. Edwin Lee
  • Prof. Joseph Kwan
  • Mrs. Karen Lo

Research & Development Committee

  • Dr. Yu Tak Sun, Ignatius (Chairman)
  • Dr. Simon Yeung
  • Dr. Chan Kan Kam
  • Prof. Wang Xiaorong
  • Prof. Chetwyn Chan
  • Prof. L. K. Hung

Certification Committee

  • Mr. T. W. Tsin (Chairman)
  • Mr. S. K. Lam
  • Prof. Samuel C. T. Yu
  • Mr. Percy To
Further Information and Enquiries:
Please contact Ms. Sabrina Wan or at
TEL: 3591 9905 or FAX: 2728 6968
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